Keep It Moving: Something For You Earholes!

Much thanks to Statik Selektah for doing what static does best, attracting two major talents to one collab. Last Friday, Nas and Joey Bada$$ dropped a single, titled Keep It Moving, to later appear on Statik’s upcoming album The Balancing Act. This will be New York rappers Nas and Joey Bada$$’ first collaboration.

B-Side Quotable:

“Lot of us turn up to predicate feelings, not I. My brethren's addicted to sellin', slipped a turn to somebody's seller. I wish somebody would tell us then. Tell his chances are slim when you're dancin' with sin” – Nas,

From Illmatic (1994) to King’s Disease (2020), Nas has had a multitude of sounds, but only one flow with one constant, the message within his lyricism. While Joey Bada$$, a member of the Pro Era crew, is known for his use of word play and urban militaristic style. These two rappers on a Statik Selektah beat was bound to be hot. However, the song is only 2:56 which isn’t a lot of time considering the amount of lyrical talent both Joey and Nas bring to the table. It leaves you unsatisfied wanting more from not only Nas and Joey, but from Statik Selektah.

Statik Selektah’s album comes out Summer 2021 with features from many more Mass Appeal rappers. You can listen to this song on Spotify, Apple Music, or even WDCE 90.1!

Tune into The B-Side on WDCE 90.1, Saturdays 9-11.

-- Ben "DJ EQ" Queen

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